a young man or a prisoner which would soon be sentence to death... while waiting in his cell, sat and remembered the scene of mass murdering at his camp in the forests fukuoka, an explosion occurred outside the prison. He took this opportunity to run away. in the middle of the bridge,he saw many people lying likely has turned to corpse. their eyes turn blank and lips turn violet just like the researcher during the time in his expedition . suddenly 2 monster known as "DIABORO" sneak in from beneath . When he thought this is the end for him ... a warrior of light coming down from the roof and kick them out of the window. young man named "SHINKURO Hayami" follow themto the front gate . But when he open the prison gates ... a group of diaboro are moving towards him for a second time invasion, shinkuro silent and he is stunned. The man who save him before run to him and give him the belt . "Use immediately! as long as you still got the chance !" said the man with a face covered by a mask. shinkuro belt called "Faust CHAIN​​". After that he turned into Faust! and successly breakthrough the diaboro armies while riding his " NECROZZER "but he felt he was different with the earlier appearance of his appearance .... Faust has a dark violet color shinkuro rather than the former use shining dustard white ..... adventure , romance, tragic, foolish, soon will be waiting for him " FAUST ! " , TOBE CONTINUED ....

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